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Jack is an Ontario, Canada-based voice actor. He has extensive experience as a baseball announcer, ADR talent, audio post production engineer and multi-talented musician. On top of all this, Jack is a hardcore gamer, avid Dungeons & Dragons player, and storyteller. All of this experience has prepared him for the creative, amazing, and downright fun world of VO.

Check out Jack's Demo Reel!

Commercial ReelJack Thomas Westlake
00:00 / 01:26
Director: Rebecca Whitby
Engineer: Andrea Stewart
May 2020


The Founders' List - NFX

You can find Jack's voice as a part of The Founders' List, audio essays written by technology's most important leaders, selected by the Founder Community and the NFX team. 


Radio Promos

Odyssey Records - August 2020
EGutters - August 2020
Farmer's Market - July 2020
From Mars Promo - June 2020


Mix Engineering

Make You Feel My Love (Cover) - Bianca Robitaille
Miracle - JP
All recordings used with permission by the artists involved


Phone: 519-774-9115

London, Ontario




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